Bonus Call Replays

Enjoy our Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call Replays

A BIG Thank you to all of our amazing ECN Luncheon speakers for generously offering so much value and rich content on our Bonus Calls.  If you missed any of our ECN Speaker Bonus Calls offered by our exceptional line-up of expert speakers, or you would like to fill in your notes, click on the link to access the 45 – 60 minute replays that include Q & A from our ECN Community and beyond.

With Gratitude,

Cyndi Dady – Exceptional Connections Networking Founder | CEO


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RobynMacKillop9/19/17 – ECN/Dr. Robyn MacKillop – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay,

“Be Found, Be Seen, Be Know – get out from behind the curtain.

To learn more about Dr. Robyn go to: DoctorRobynOnline

DebbieWhitlock8/15/17 – ECN/Debbie Page – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“7 Steps to Success – Going Steeper”

To learn more about Debbie Page go to: Debbie Page




7/18/17 – ECN/Karen Lynn Maher – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“Claim Your Place as a Thought Leader: get visible or disappear…choose one!”

To learn more about Karen Lynn go to: Legacy One Authors




5/26/17 – ECN/Kerstin O’Shields – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“The Mechanisms of Body Language”.

To learn more about Kerstin go to: Kerstin Shields



Dawn Jones

4/18/17 – ECN / Dawn Jones with Dawn Jones Productions – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

Bonus Call replay “Why Women Buy – The 14 Point Marketing checklist for selling to women”.

To learn more about Dawn go to: Dawn Jones


JeffWagoner3/17/17 – ECN / Jeff Wagoner – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“Awareness, Ownership and Execution tools for Authentic Sustainment”.

To learn more about Jeff go to: TJ Wagoner Holdings International



Leslie AnnAkin2/21/17 – ECN / Leslie Ann Akin with Leslie The Brand Boss – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“Branding Matters – You can blend in, or stand out, pick one”.

To learn more about Leslie Ann go to: Lake Oswego Graphics



DebbieRosemount1/17/17 – ECN / Debbie Rosemont with Simply Placed – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“What are you waiting for? Procrastination why it happens and what to do about it.”

To learn more about Debbie go to: Simply Placed



TresaLeftenant12/20/16 – ECN / Tresa Leftenant with “Reinventing Her” – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“Money Mindset Breakthrough”

To learn more about Tresa go to: Mastering the Inner You



shannonward11/15/16 – ECN / Shannon Ward with “ontrack” – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“Sales is an act of love”.

To learn more about Shannon go to: Wealth of Women



debratrappen10/18/16 – ECN / Debra Trappen with “Fire-up d11!” – Exceptional Speaker Bonus Call replay

“11 Reasons We Tell Ourselves Networking Doesn’t Work for Us”.                Password: #FireMeUp11

To learn more about Debra go to: DebraTrappen