Bridget Sanborn


Educator in Wellness

What I do:


Through Beautycounter I am part of a mission to get SAFE skincare and beauty products into the hands of everyone. My job is to educate my clients about the harmful chemicals and toxins that they may be putting on their bodies and on the ones they love and to offer them a safer choice. Long-term health issues are on the rise, largely in part due to our exposure to toxic chemicals (whether it be in our food, in our shampoos, lotions and cosmetics, or in what we use to clean our kitchens). To help educate consumers, Beautycounter created a “Neverlist” of ingredients that will never be found in our products. Check it out on my website!

Contact Information:

Phone:  (425) 941-7172   Email:

Website: Beauty Counter


Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because the attendees are people I want to get to know better. The culture of this group has always been genuinely friendly, supportive and trustworthy. I don’t have a need for every service that is offered, but know that I am building relationships with people whose services I might need in the future!



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