Debbie Page – Educational Series

Debbie Page – Educational Series

DebbiePageWhitlockWe are thrilled Debbie Page will be offering our 4th Educational Series in 2018, and a dynamic 2-hour SkillShop powered by Exceptional Connections on Tuesday, October 24th at the Hilton Garden Inn – Bothell.

Don’t Delay Register Today! Our event is close to being sold out! Only 50 seats are available for this exclusive event.


“It’s Not Too Late” SkillShop rate is available until Thursday, October 19th at 9pm

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Debbie Page is an internationally recognized and award winning entrepreneur, business coach and advocate for women’s economic independence and is recognized as the leading authority on cash flow for women in business. Her clients achieve stunning success with profitability because of her commitment to accountability, execution and the systems and processes that create sustainable business.

For over two decades Debbie has worked with women and money and has acquired, scaled and sold two businesses of her own. It is safe to say, that whatever high or low you are experiencing in your business, she’s been there and knows the way through.

The focus of Debbie’s 2-hour SkillShop will be a “2018 Strategic Planning Session”

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.” Join this interactive “get it done” 2-hour SkillShop to begin charting your success plan for 2018! During this SkillShop you will understand the proven process you can use to develop a solid 2018 plan that is goal and soul filled – with specific actionable steps to get you to your desired destination. This is the one system that you will return to again and again! Use the end of 2017 as your runway to a successful 2018!
“Do you find yourself setting goals you never reach in your business? And because you never reach them, you just set the same goal year after year? Do you feel like your goal setting process is a bit like shooting darts in the dark? Do you wish you actually had a process you could use over and over for your business goals? A process for the big year long goals, and for the little projects that get you to the big goals you are finally going to not only reach but surpass?  Then this SkillShop is for you!”

During our 2 hours you will:

* Understand goal setting theory and immediacy – and how this is keeping you from reaching your goals
decide what you want to achieve in your business (at a high level – it’s two hours and this isn’t magic) 🙂
* Separate what’s important from the distractions
* Find congruence
* Complete an ecology check on your goals
* Create first draft blueprint of how you’ll get to your goal
* Create rough draft of plan of action
* Understand how to break your big goal mountain into a workable series of hills to summit

The time allotted is not enough to do a full year long strategic plan. Year long strategic business planning to have a complete and refined document and plan takes many hours over many days, however, during your time here you’ll be able to take one goal – and walk it through this proven process I’ve been using personally for over 20 years to build, scale and sell two businesses and to continually grow my coaching business well into six figures. It is the same process I use with my clients to get their stunning revenue increase results of 50% and higher and profit increase numbers as high as 130% increase over the previous year.

If you want to make more money in your business next year and each year after, then you should invest the time and money to be there.

At the end of this SkillShop you’ll have the tools that you can apply to your bigger goal setting for 2018 and beyond.

To learn more go to:

When: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
(Fourth Tuesday of the month)

Time: 10:30am – 3:00pm
(Educational Series program from 11:00am – 2:30pm)

Where: Hilton Garden Inn – Bothell
Island Banquet Room
(Free Parking, Free WIFI)
22600 Bothell Everett Hwy.
Bothell, WA 98021


The Earlier You Register, The More $ You Save!

$97 – “Early Bird” SkillShop rate is available until October 1st at 9pm

$127 – “It’s Not Too Late” SkillShop rate is available until Thursday, October 19th at 9pm

$147 – “Guarantee your Seat” SkillShop rate if event is not Sold Out

$160 – “Pay at the Door” SkillShop rate if event is not Sold Out

*SkillShop fee includes a Buffet Sandwich Luncheon, chips, beverage and cookie.


Don’t Delay Register Today before Sold Out!
$127 – “It’s Not Too Late” SkillShop rate is available until Thursday, October 19th at 9pm


For more information contact ECN Founder – Cyndi Dady at or 425-346-8895

or learn more at:


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