Debby Mycroft


Legacy Preservation

What I do:

DebbyMycroftMemories Worth Telling helps families preserve their legacies. The founder, Debby Mycroft, has designed three gift options: 1) a Life Legacy Book which captures the history of an entire family; 2) a Vignette Memory Collection which captures the highlights of an individuals’ life (living or deceased), and 3) Legacy Letters which capture individual’s words of wisdom, core values, and statement of faith. The books and letters are professionally bound and will last for many generations.

Contact Information:

Phone:  (425) 870-9198   Email:

Website: Memories Worth Telling



Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because … the members are truly supportive and encouraging. As the “legacy lady” I’m in a non-traditional business and it is of real value to have ECN members spreading the word about what I do (preserving family legacies).

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