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DeniseMyersWomen’s Business Coach

What I do:

Denise Myers once served as the only female leader in a district of over 25 leading retail stores for a Fortune 500 company. Back ‘in the day’ it was unpopular for women to speak up and provide valuable input, let alone serve as leaders. Thank goodness the world is evolving!

Knowing what it takes to communicate your wants and needs to all audiences is important for successful female leaders. Denise can literally say ‘been there done that, got the t-shirt’ when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Regardless of whether you are your own boss or someone trying to make a difference in a corporate environment, Denise can help you.

Known for her ability to explore new ideas and new possibilities, Denise teaches you how to use creativeapproaches to leadership, communication, and problem solving while being your authentic self. Her experience early on taught her to be innovative, imaginative and inventive in her approach to succeed.  Using these gifts she asks the ‘What If…’ questions to create possibilities within yourself!

Contact Information:

Phone:  (425) 830-4405   Email:

Website: YBR Coaching

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Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because …the people I met yesterday were completely genuine and not trying to sell me their service. They were interested in me as a person and it was a great atmosphere of positive energy!


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