Educational Series



Exceptional Connections™

Education Series For Networking Mastery SkillShops

When: Hosted Quarterly on the 4th Tuesday of the month or TBD

Location: Pizza Coop & Ale House – Banquet room – 13317 Northeast 175th Street, Woodinville, WA  98072

Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm (includes lunch, workbook & pre and post networking opportunities)

Exceptional Connections™

Education Series For Networking Mastery SkillShop Presenters


  • Tuesday, May 21, 2019 – Educational Series with – Melina Palmer
  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019 – Educational Series with Brittani Nelson
  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – Educational Series with Elisa Enriquez 
  • Tuesday, October 23, 2018 – Educational Series with Nikki Rausch
  • Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – On-Line Series with Nicole Lux-Ritchie
  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018 – Educational Series with Sarah Frink
  • Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – Educational Series with Karen McGregor
  • Tuesday, November 7, 2017 – Pilot On-Line Series with Dr. Robyn MacKillop
  • Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – Educational Series with Debbie Page
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017 – Educational Series with Jeff Wagoner 
  • Thursday, March 30, 2017 – Educational Series with Leslie Akin
  • Tuesday, January 24, 2017 – Launch of Educational Series with Debra Trappen
  • Tuesday, October 25, 2016 – 7th ECN Anniversary with Nikki Rausch
  • Friday, July 29, 2016 – Pilot Educational Series with Nina Durfee
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016 – Pilot Educational Series with  Nikki Rausch


Button-Ed Series

Our Premier Educational Series Presenters

MelinaPalmerBrainTuesday, May 21, 2019 3rd Quarter Educational Series with Melina Palmer

Topic:   “The Truth About Pricing” 2-hour SkillShop with the Brainy Business




Tuesday, March 26, 20192nd Quarter Educational Series with Brittani Nelson

Topic:  “Time Blocking to Time Freedom” 2-hour SkillShop with the Business Matchmaker



EliseEnriquesTuesday, January 22, 20191st Quarter Educational Series with Elise Enriquez

Topic: GYST – “Get Your Stuff Together” 2-hour SkillShop with Productivity Coach



NikkiRauschTuesday, October 23, 20184th Quarter Educational Series with Nikki Rausch

Topic: Body Language & Selling: The Art of Subtle Cues 2-hour SkillShop with founder of Sales Maven



Tuesday, August 28, 2018 3rd Quarter Educational Series with Nicole Lux-Ritchie

Topic: Operation: Inbox Rescue 1.5 hour On-line SkillShop with Luxcentric Technology Coach


SarahFrinkTuesday, May 22, 20182nd Quarter Educational Series with Sarah Frink

Topic: Create your Social Media Sales Funnel 2-hour SkillShop with founder of Real Marketing Solutions


KarenMcGregorTuesday, March 27, 20181st Quarter Educational Series with Karen McGregor 

Topic: “Master your Message” – 2-hour SkillShop with founder of Speaker Success Formula



Tuesday, November 7, 2017 – Pilot On-Line Educational Series with Dr. Robyn MacKillop

Topic: “Invisible to Invincible” – On-line 1-hour SkillShop with founder at Doctor Robyn Online


DebbiePageWhitlockTuesday, October 24, 20174th Educational Series with Debbie Page

Topic: “2018 Strategic Goal Planning” – 2-hour SkillShop


JeffWagonerTuesday, May 23, 2017 3rd Educational Series with Jeff Wagoner

Topic: “The Advent5   Process” – 2-hour SkillShop


Leslie AnnAkinThursday, March 30, 2017 2nd Educational Series with Leslie Akin

Topic: “Marketing Your Expertise” – 2-hour SkillShop with Leslie the Brand Boss 


debratrappenTuesday, January 24, 2017 –  1st Educational Series with Debra Trappen

Topic: “Let’s Take Networking Skills & Success to 11” – 2-hour SkillShop with The Fire-up Expert


NikkiRauschTuesday, October 25, 2016 –   3rd Educational Series Pilot / 7th Anniversary with Nikki Rausch

Topic: “Buying Signals: Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales” with The Sales Maven


NinaDurffeeEducationFriday, July 29, 20162nd Educational Series Pilot with Nina Durfee

Topic: “60 Seconds to Success” – 3-hour SkillShop with The Word Wizard


NikkiRauschTuesday, May 24, 20161st Educational Series Pilot with Nikki Rausch

Topic: “Getting A Response – Effective Phone & Email Techniques” – 2-hour SkillShop with The Sales Maven