En-May Mangels “What is Intuition”?

En-May-ExceptionalConnectionsNetworkingWe are honored that En-May Mangels will be our August Guest Speaker.

En-May is an internationally renowned Strategic Intuitive Advisor, Empath, and modern-day Spiritualist. Working with high-performing individuals in the business world, entertainment, and arts, En-May engages with her clients to safely and compassionately remove limiting beliefs, providing insight to restore areas lacking vibrancy, productivity or desired results; to inspire and propel their greatest outcome for themselves, their companies, and all the lives within their circle. People from all walks of life, at all stages of life have sought En-May for counsel on matters of traumatic emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial distress.

Her Topic will be: “What is Intuition”?

Intuition is a knowing; an instinctual ability to understand something immediately without conscious reasoning. It can show up in all of us in different ways. We are all intuitive.

By training our intuition it no longer is left to be the afterthought; the, “I should have followed my hunch,” or “I knew my first thought was right, ” or “Why do I always second guess myself.”

We all have intuition, AKA a hunch, the feeling in the pit of your stomach, a knowing, a guess, a whisper, or a memo received from an angelic or spirit source. It’s a muscle that requires coaching, study, training; to built inner trust, confidence, self esteem.

Live the life your Soul intended.

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