Heather Halliday


Healing From the Inside Out

What I do:

heatherhallidayMy education as a Nutritional Therapist has taught me to look at each individual as a BIO-individual. When I work with a client, we formulate a plan that is tailored specifically to you. We are not all physically created equal; we have to consider our family history (our DNA), our home and work environments, our limitations (we all have them!), etc.

I Work With Clients Who: Struggle with fatigue, Have brain fog, Struggle with weight gain/weight loss, Struggle with constipation or diarrhea, Have achy/painful joints and muscles, Have skin irritations, Have low energy, unmotivated, Or something just doesn’t feel right!


Contact Information:

Phone:  (206) 250-4151   Email:  Heather@EssentialWellnessNW.com

Website: Essential Wellness, NW


Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I love Exceptional Connections Networking because…What an amazing way to be connected to people who are just as passionate about their job as I am.



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