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JenJeddaWhat I do:

JJ Caprices is an online boutique that features extraordinary jewelry, scarves, fragrances, and
home accents that have been discovered throughout the world during my travel adventures. Every item featured on the site is handmade in its country of origin and is carefully curated for its detail, design and unique craftsmanship.

The backstory of each item on the site, including information about the artist and where the piece was discovered, is
included within the product description. JJ Caprices provides a platform to spread the joy of travel with the world, one treasure at a time.

Contact Information:

Phone: 612-812-8484    Email:

Website: JJ Caprices



Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because it is a genuine group of talented and caring business people who are purposeful about their connections and supporting one another.



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