Karen Lynn Maher


Writing and Publishing Consultant

What I do:

KarenMaherKaren Lynn Maher is a top authority on mentoring CEOs and other executives through the writing and self-publishing process. Clients emerge as thought leaders by writing expert nonfiction books, articles, white papers, blogs, and letters aimed at serving their target audiences.

From concept to completion, Karen leads C-level executives and other subject matter experts to produce compelling content, garnering them and their businesses broad visibility, credibility, and access to their perfect clients. Since 2001 she has developed more than 60 executive-level authors through her company LegacyONE Authors.

Contact Information

Phone: (206) 659-1145

Website: LegacyOne Executive Communications

Email: imageisit@gmail.com




Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because the people involved are amazing.

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