Kathryn Miller

Health Insurance Producer

What I do:

KathrynMillerI am a health insurance producer and own my own agency,The Miller Connection. I am certified with the State Healthcare Exchange to help people, including the Medicaid or more commonly know as the Apple plan. I am one of only 33% of the agents in Washington to be open people eligible to enroll on Apple. Besides the individual market, I also work with small employers giving them the tools to be able to afford healthcare for themselves and the company using creative methods available. Lastly I work the Senior Market. This includes Medicare Supplements and Med Advantage products, along with dental, vision, and final expense benefit


Contact Information:

Phone: (425) 258-5072     Email: kathym@millerconnection.net

Website: The Miller Connection


Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because …Cyndi Dadi goes out of her way to bring in exceptional speakers that are able to reach out to each individual as though they talking to just them. She also has heart and makes each business owner feel as though they were the most important person in the room.



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