Katie Evans


Hypnosis – Weight Loss

What I do:

KatieEvansI love helping (mostly) women lose weight and enjoy the process! If you are tired of dieting that doesn’t work or exploring weight loss programs that cost a fortune, you need to come to a Living Lite Express Weight Loss class. In just 3 short–and fun–hours for only $50, you may just change your life! We show you how to and hypnotize to facilitate you to:
Eat healthier
Eat less
Move your body more and
Feel your feelings instead of eating them.
What have you got to lose??!

Contact Information:

Phone: (206) 841-4876    Email: katie@livinglitenow.com

Website: Living Lite Now




Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because the people are so friendly and funny!



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