Katrina Hennessy


Travel Professional

What I do:

KatrinaHennesseyI am a travel professional. I am your personal vacation shopper and so much more. I am your advisor, researcher, planner, consultant, agent, concierge, and advocate. I am your connection to those who will give that little extra to make your vacation as perfect as it can be.

Mission: Bring the world one step closer to peace & harmony through individual travel experiences.

Experience life through travel.


Contact Information:

Phone:  (425) 296-6389   Email: Katrina@GoldStandardTravel.com

Website: Gold Standard Travel



Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I love Exceptional Connections Networking because I had heard wonderful things about the leaders and members of Exceptional Connections and was not disappointed with my first experience. I felt welcome and despite my introvert nature found it easy to make genuine connections. The workshop was well run with valuable information and respect for everyone’s time. Thank you.




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