Kimberly Arent


Community Manager

What I do:

kimberlyarantIn conjunction with volunteers in local communities I work to manage the largest fundraising event in the world to end cancer, Relay For Life. With the help of passionate volunteers, dedicated towards ending cancer as a major health threat, we partner with businesses on sponsorship, recruit fundraising teams, coordinate the Relay For Life event, and spread the mission of the American Cancer Society. If you have a connection towards cancer or are looking for a way to give back to research and support patients services, join us and the largest movement in the world to finish the fight against cancer.


Contact Information:

Phone:  (206) 674-4115   Email:

Website: American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

Exceptional Connections is an intimate networking circle of trustworthy, and passionate business owners, entrepreneurs and employees. They are welcoming, light-hearted, and supply a wealth of knowledge and support within their group. I have only attended one meeting so far, but they have truly inspired me, and made me excited to return again and again!



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