Lea Galanter


Copy Editor

What I do:

LeaGalanter2A writer’s unique voice is their greatest asset. I help clients better compete by making their text readable, reliable, and trustworthy. Unlike your high school English teacher, when you work with me, I will respect your voice while improving the way you express your ideas. I make even the most complex content understandable to a wide audience and can help you better reach your customers and readers. I make your text look as professional as you are, instilling confidence in you and your business.

Contact Information:

Phone: (425) 820-9096    Email:  lea@gallanteditorial.com

Website: Gallant Editorial Services



Why I Love Exceptional Connections Networking…

I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because … even though I’m a fairly new business owner and quite introverted, I enjoy the presentations and skillshops immensely and have met the greatest people. I have learned so much from all the great presenters.

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