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My vision is to travel, speak, and cause a shift in people’s attitudes toward giving, and relating to each other. By teaching millions of people to be card senders, and act on their promptings, we can cause a shift in “Sending to Give” verses “Sending to Get”. This principle can revolutionize how we relate to the important people in our lives, and do business.

SendOutCards is an internet-based greeting card and gift company that enables you to stay connected with clients, prospects, referral partners, friends and family with ease. I provide you with coaching, training, marketing ideas and inspiration you need to grow your business…no matter what the economy is doing.

I am an Executive with, an online greeting card company that enables users to send a real paper greeting card from their computer, using their own photos to create the cover or add inside images, and using their own “handwriting” font to create the printed message.

SendOutCards enables you to send a real paper greeting card from your computer, using your own photos to create the cover or inside images, and using your own “handwriting” font to create the printed message. The company addresses, stuffs, stamps, and delivers it to the post office, where it is sent to the recipient for you…all for less than a dollar a card.

SendoutCards is a great service to help build better relationships – you choose the type of card and message, we print, stuff, stamp, and mail it for you – all for about a buck including postage! A great way to generate more referrals, and retain the current customers you do have! It’s all about showing your clients appreciation and gratitude!

SendOutCards enables you to keep in touch with clients, prospects, and referral partners with ease. The result: they will get to know, like, trust and REMEMBER you.

You simply log into your online account, select or create your own custom card online, and SendOutCards will print your message with your own handwriting font, stuff, seal, address, stamp (with a real stamp), and take it to the post office on whatever date you want it to be mailed.

Visit SendOutCards and send a couple cards for free, or contact me and I will walk you through the simple process of sending your first card.

Click on this  landing page link, or go to to set up an account to get out your holiday cards with ease.