While I have many diverse interests, travel and exploring our world really is at the top of my list. It is my personal belief that if we all traveled a little bit more, the world would be a better place. For when you meet with people on a local level, governments cease to exist and we find what we have in common instead of the differences. I have an extensive knowledge of Western Europe, having lived and traveled there as a college student and then flying for 17 years as a flight attendant for a major international carrier.

I believe ongoing education is essential for me to remain current in this ever changing world and take every opportunity to learn when I can.
How lucky am I to work in a field I love? Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Getaways, Family Travel, Groups and more, the right destination is out there and it is my job to find it! I love hearing the stories my clients bring back from their experiences – seeing a wonder of the world like Machupichu or a marriage proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower; relaxing in a Bali Bed at an all-inclusive in Cancun or boasting about completing the Bridge Climb in Sydney! The spark in the eye of the freshly traveled is like no other! I have a happy job where I get to send people on vacation!

I have particular rule I try to live by: “Never pass up an opportunity when it is offered. You never know if or when it may come around again” This is my philosophy in life, as well as in travel. And if a local says “I have a friend..” …you know you are in for a grand adventure!