The Gift

The Gift


A Revolution in Networking Mastery

Expand your business and your life today. The Gift is “Enlightened Networking” — made easy! Learn what thousands of others have discovered – that there’s a powerful new way to make new contacts, build relationships and get new business.


Imagine a world where people naturally contribute to each other, knowing that when we are in service to others, we transform our own lives and the world around us…

Imagine a living from a place pure joy, truth and faith that everything you want, wants you, and you are in the perfect place at the perfect time…

Imagine being in a state of no need; free to dream and create all your heart’s desires, surrounded by hundreds, even thousands of people who are here to support you.

This is the joy and benefit of living a contributive life by giving and receiving THE GIFT.

It’s simple: We want to show you how selfless giving is the fastest way to increase your bottom line, your happiness, and your well being. THE GIFT is process we’ve used in our businesses and it’s a philosophy we use in our day to day life to accelerate our goals and dreams.

THE GIFT is based on the Law of Contribution which states that the level of your happiness and success is directly proportional to the number of people you serve selflessly.

Why Give The GIFT?
By giving THE GIFT without an agenda you will achieve extraordinary results.

You will:
1. Experience the emotional high of contributing to others without expecting anything in return.
2. Become someone whose goals and dreams materialize automatically
as a function of the incredible goodwill that you have created in the world.
3. Create advocates who support you and your dreams.

OK, here’s how you give THE GIFT:

1. Connect Deeply with others. Discover what they are up to.
2. Find out what they need right now
3. Contribute on the spot – advocate for them, connect them to someone who can help them, blue sky with them, support or contribute in a way that moves them towards their goal.
4. And then…Watch miracles happen in your life.

What THE GIFT is not:
• Selling your product or service.
• Putting yourself at risk.
• Making promises you can’t keep.
• Trying to look good to the other person

So, are your ready to try it?

The next step is to consider giving THE GIFT every day with everyone you meet. If you do, you may find that everything in your life will start changing and going better, getting easier.

People who give THE GIFT in their daily life report victories and accomplishments that are nothing short of miraculous. I believe that these so called “miracles” are natural for those who live a life of selfless contribution.

And learning to become an agenda free giver and a limitless receiver opens your life up to all the goodies the universe has in store for you.

What Else Can You Do?
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Matthew Ferry
Thach Nguyen
Kristen Marie Schuerlein
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